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Version 2.0 Last Updated Documtation - 16 Apr 21


Welcome to Gomatka App Documentation

Thank you for purchasing Gomatka Php Script. We covered almost everything in this document that how easily you can setup this script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to use the free support forums.Gomatka announced best classified php script of 2020 by gomatka.co

Author : gowebs.in

Demo : Gomatka App Demo

Admin Panel : Gomatka Admin Demo

Video Documentation : Gomatka Script Tutorial

Script / Software install

Install your satta matka app in your Hosting or server

  • Upload Zip File in your Hosting/Server & Extract your ZIP file
  • Go to Your Domain and Install
  • Find Your Licence Key www.gowebs.in/login

Gomatka video tutorial - How to Install

Setup Admin Panel / Update Some important file

Go to Your Website and Types Ex: gomatka.co/admin

  • Change your Logo and Company name.
  • Mail settings

SMS API integration

  • Login/Register - MsgClub
  • Go to Developer API
  • Creat Authkey Developer API
  • Update >> SMS >>
    Your gomatka registration OTP is {#var#}, OTP Valid for 5 minutes only.
    gowebs tm

Not need to change $rrr
Regards gowebs tm

Paytm Merchant id & Key

Check out the folder structure

											├── public_html/
											|   ├── admin
											|   |	├── app
											|   |			 										
											├── app/
											|   ├── ajax
											|   ├── assets
											|   ├── paytm
											|   ├── razorpay
											├── admin/
											|   ├── assets/
											|   ├── images
											|   └── mail
											├── admin/assets/
											|   ├── colors
											|   ├── css
											|   ├── css-dark
											|   ├── iconfonts
											|   ├── images
											|   ├── js
											|   └── plugins

Steps to convert Verticalmenu to Horizontalmenu

  1. Go to your root project there you will find resources folder and in resources you will find views folder in that you will see 100+ blade.php files.
  2. Choose any one of the blade.php file and open it in your favourite editor that you want to convert from Verticalmenu to Horizontalmenu.
  3. Hope you have opened blade.php file in your favourite editor now just replace this code @extends('layouts.vertical-menu.master') to @extends('layouts.horizontal-menu.master')
  4. Now you have activated to Horizontalmenu.
  5. Simillarly repeat the above process for all the 100+ blade.php files.
  6. Note: Please make sure with the code i.e (Uppercase and lowercase letters) while you are replacing in files.